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Heat Pumps: Heat and Air Conditioning in One Unit

If you’re seeking a year round solution for your home comfort, you may want to consider a heat pump. Heat pumps are also highly energy efficient and appeal to homeowners who want the simplicity of a single HVAC system.

What is a Heat Pump?

At first, it may be difficult to tell the difference between a heat pump system and a conventional air unit. In fact, they operate much the same way. Both depend on a refrigerant cycle to transfer thermal energy from one place to another. Both also feature indoor and outdoor units and duct work. But here’s where they are different. Heat pumps have a reversing valve, allowing them to reverse the refrigerant cycle and draw ambient heat from the air outside to warm your home in winter. Essentially, heat pumps are all-in-one, year round heating and cooling systems.

Bash Heating & Cooling ensures homes are outfitted with the appropriate size of heat pump to keep you warm and cozy in the winter and cool and comfortable in the summer. Bash Heating & Cooling has a wide variety of makes and models of heat pumps.

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